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(Korea's 22nd new drug approval / 1st drug approved by Korean bioventure)

  • Tissue-selective COX-2 inhibitor, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)

Acelex® 2mg Capsule / Tablet

Features of Acelex​
구분​ Features
Efficacy ​​
  • Faster effect than competing drugs in relieving degenerative osteoarthritis pain.
  • Statistically superiority to celecoxib (Celebrex®) based on the Physician's Global Assessment (PGA) score.
  • Currently the lowest effective dose level of an anti-inflammatory analgesics (2 mg/day)​
  • Once a day​ (compared to traditional NSAIDs which typically require 2 to 4 times a day)​
Gastrointestinal safety
  • Innovative new drug with significantly improved gastrointestinal safety compared to traditional anti-inflammatory analgesics​.​
Cardiovascular safety
  • Possesses an unique mechanism of action to minimize risk of cardiovascular-related adverse events.
Score of physical function at the 3rd week of treatment
WOMAC -Physical Function Subscale
* WOMAC(Western Ontario & McMaster Universities)

   An assessment evaluating the physical function of patients with joint disease.

The Phase 3 clinical study results showed that at 3rd week of treatment the physical function score using WOMAC
was significantly superior compared to placebo.On the other hand, celecoxib did not show statistically significant superiority in this study.

Comparison of the proportion of osteoarthritis patients with improved overall symptoms after the 3rd week of treatment
* PGA(Physician's Global Assessment)

   Researchers evaluated using the PGA score, and the patient's improvement is evaluated weekly based on 7 areas.

After the 3rd week of Acelex treatment, the PGA score showed statistically significant superiority compared to celecoxib

Accelex's entry into global market
  • Exporting to Turkey and
    MENA (contract signed)
  • Exporting into Brazil
    (contract signed)
  • Exporting into Eurasian Economic
    Community (contract signed)

We are in continous discussion for additional export contracts with a number of promising partners in various other regions
such as the US, Europe, China, Southeast Asia, South America.
Brazil and Russia have submitted an application for market approval.