CG Invites

We strive to be a global biopharma leader whose mission is

to develop innovative, life-changing medicine

Job description

New drug research
  • Discover new drug targets
  • Structural proteomics
  • Development of bio-assay methodology
  • Pharmacology and toxicology assessment
Medicinal chemistry
  • Drug design and synthesis
  • SAR analysis and optimation to make drug candidate
Business development
  • Managing and planning technology transfer
  • Managing partnership
New drug development
  • Clinical study design and management
  • QA / RA : NDA approval and product registration
  • PV: Safety reporting and pharmacovigilance
Product development
  • Drug formulation
  • Process development
  • Method developmentt
Business management
  • IR / PR
  • Finance / Accounting
  • Human Resources / General Management / IT
  • Strategic Planning