CG Invites

We strive to be a global biopharma leader whose mission is

to develop innovative, life-changing medicine

Vision & Mission

To become a global leader in developing innovative, life-changing medicine.

We focus on improving patients' quality of life through the development of innovative drugs for diseases with high unmet needs.

  • Through integration of
    the proprietary platform technologies,
    the drug discovery process at
    CG Invites is rapid,
    efficient and productive.
  • A biopharma company focused on developing innovative, new drugs.

  • First-in-class and best-in-class drug development including molecularly targeted anticancer drugs, novel antibiotics, and novel anti-fibrotics.

  • Highly experienced and capable R&D team with expert leadership and solid financial security through investments by strong partners.

  • Significant future growth potential due to our world-class technology, scientific know-how, and knowedge-based strategy.

  • Focus on becoming a global biopharma leader.